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Words have the power to weave something into the empty space between people, in that space our hiding shades start to pour. That space becomes colored with the sorrows, the frustrations, the absolute agony of what it is like to be alive. But with the sorrows, life also contains great joys. I long to create a space to share stories, to see inside each other, unstitch and embody each others intricacies. Through this blog I want others to be able to stop letting people define their worth. From the moment you left the womb and gasped for your first breath of fresh air you were of infinite value (the secret that you needed to hear a long time ago, is that you still are). Don't listen to those who tell you you can't reach your goals or accomplish your dreams. If you're a dreamer dream. If you're an artist, create. If your a physician, heal the sick. If your a mother love your kids and encourage their pursuits wildly. 

No matter where you're at and no matter how lost you may feel, you hold a purpose deep within your soul. You are needed. We need you. We need to hear your story, and learn what it is that makes your heart continue to beat & what keeps getting you out of bed every morning. We need to learn from one another. If we keep suppressing our true selves, and continue to hide the heart beneath our unkept flesh we will never be at peace and never grow. Run from the lies that bind you to mediocrity. When they told you, you were nothing and could never be something...I'm here to say that they were wrong. It's time to head out into this terrifying and breathtaking adventure. The storms of life will come, but together we will hold fast in the night.

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