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Monday, September 7, 2015


This week is a big deal. Spend time encouraging and loving those around you. Life is a precious gift, it's not guaranteed to be easy, or even make sense some days, and we may not even find all the answers. But we fight for this gift we have each received. There will be months, years, and maybe even decades of hardship. Days where we question our worth, question our identity, and whether life is worth it sometimes. Though life is hard and sometimes feels like we are barely existing. I encourage you to push through, I beg you to. Keep seeking light, don't stop chasing hope, because it comes. It comes in bursts, it comes through relationships, it comes through adventure, it comes when we least expect it. Life is hard but it is also so so good. Your heart may be broken and getting up in the morning may feel impossible, but do it. Get up, your life is of more worth than you may ever realize. We need you. Your friends need you. You are of infinite worth. 

If you are in need of further resources to find help has amazing resources to point you to hope and healing. At one time I almost gave up on life and I am incredibly blessed and grateful to still be here, finding hope, and living out adventures: